Who We Are

Liên minh Cầu Brooklyn cho Thanh niên là một trung gian được tạo ra bởi các thành phốBrooklyn
CenterBrooklyn Park và hỗ trợ các tổ chức cung cấp chương trình ngoài giờ học cho thanh thiếu niên.
Mục đích
The purpose of the Alliance is to cooperatively support positive youth 
development in out-of-school-time opportunities for all youth in Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park.
Shared Vision
The Brooklyn Bridge Alliance assures the success of all youth by challenging the conditions that diminish their hope, by assuring that all youth are connected to a trusting adult who is vested in their healthy development as measured by educational success and mastery of life skills. 
To coordinate a system of high-quality, accessible and fully-resourced opportunities that lead to an increase in high school graduation, pathways to college and career, and youth safety and well-being.
  • Courageous leadership and action
  • Positive development for each young person, in all places
  • Individual and collective learning, growing, assessing and celebrating
  • Youth engagement, voice and leadership
  • Authentic, timely, respectful communications
  • Inclusive processes to maximize our resources
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