Motivation Youth Festival

THANK YOU EVERYONE that came out to support our first community event! MYF was a success!!!

Motivation Youth Festival (MYF) was a FREE EVENT for youth in the Brooklyns and was an opportunity to create a positive safe space for youth to learn and have fun together, and also showcase local youth talent! The event brought together the local community and showcased youth talent, speakers, educators, and more.  

MYF was held on August 12th, 2017 from 4pm-9pm at the Centennial Civic & Veteran's Memorial Amphitheater in Brooklyn Center. The event was led by the Brooklyns Youth Council in partnership with adults to create a safe, motivating and inspiring event for young people to know that their community supports them. The event was well planned and went off without a hitch! There were 16 performers and motivational speakers, 18 vendors (food, resources, and activities), 75-100 children, teens and families attended and 100% of those who we spoke with thought the event was great and wanted to see it continue. 

A SPECIAL THANKS to the Brooklyns Youth Council - for their leadership, passion and commitment that made this possible, and to the Police from Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park, and to the YCB Youth Outreach Team from Minneapolis!

And BIG Shout Out of Gratitude to all our speakers, performers, volunteers, vendors, and DJ Snuggles that came out to help us make MYF a great day!!

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A BIG THANK YOU to our sponsors!!!

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