The Alliance increases coordination to decrease competition, duplication, and maximize impact. 

Community Events!

The Brooklyns Youth Council is hosting the Motivation Youth Festival, an event where young people can come together for fun and inspiration! Please join us on August 12, 2017 for what's sure to be an amazing community experience!
Find out more about the Motivation Youth Festival!

Alliance Teams

Five teams guide the work of the Alliance and coordinate boots-on-the-ground efforts to improve outcomes for youth in the Brooklyns. 

Research & Evaluation

The Alliance conducts research to ensure that best practices are used and initiatives are designed to be effective for the unique young people and families in the Brooklyns. 

The Impact Scorecard

The Impact Scorecard helps the Alliance determine progress towards its goals to increase high school graduation, increase pathways to college and career, and increase safety and well-being of youth in the Brooklyns. It also informs what services or programs might be missing and would be beneficial for the community, as well as budgets and grants.

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