The Alliance increases equitable access to opportunities. 

Brooklyns Connect

Find the perfect youth program for any young person by searching by program type, location, price, etc. on Brooklyns Connect!

The Access, Outreach & Coordination Team

The AOC team has created exhaustive maps of youth programming in the Brooklyns so that providers can better understand what services are missing and what would be most beneficial to implement. 

Rec on the Go

The Alliance helped design and secure funding for mobile recreation programs for the cities of Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park. The programs were found to be extremely successful in increasing youth access to programming - in 2016, 65 % of youth who participated in Rec on the Go activities had never participated in Parks and Recreation programming before. 

Find more Rec on the Go information and schedules here for Brooklyn Center and here for Brooklyn Park!


Since 2015, BrookLynk has aligned paid summer internships for over 100 young people and trained even more with the skills necessary to be career-ready! 

Click here for more information on BrookLynk!

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